• bluemomredstate

Where to Begin

I can’t think of a subject to write about. It’s weird because there is a lot of stories from which to choose. There’s the deepening Russia investigation which came out with another undisclosed meeting involving Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner’s attempt at setting up a back channel communication line on Russian soil to communicate directly with Putin, a whopping 8% approval rating of the Senate healthcare bill as it stands, the possible pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the missing Chinese activists that were investigating worker conditions at the facility that makes Ivanka Trump shoes, the arrest of an armed gunman trying to assassinate the president at his D.C. hotel, and “covfefe.” I didn’t even mention the watch party I want to get planned to watch fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony in front of the Senate Intel Committee. The story I keep thinking about throughout the day is about a 15 year old kid who sends out a daily newsletter about the political news of the day. His dad took him to President Obama’s inauguration when he was 7 and has been super interested in politics ever since. His room is littered in history and political books. I can’t help but ask myself what I can do to inspire my children. I almost feel a little jealous of this kid, his name is Gabe, because he was able to find what he was passionate about at such a young age. I’m still struggling to find my place as a 31 year old woman. What can I do to help my own kids find their way? Is staying informed a way of instilling empathy in a person? Or is it pure luck when people run into the one thing that moves them? I feel late to the game, but there is time to make an impact I hope. Whether that is in the lives of my sons or in the lives of people in the community. Time will tell I suppose.

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