• bluemomredstate

Trump's Scheduling Issues

I’m not sure who is in charge of Trump’s interview schedule, but whoever it is, they are making huge mistakes by scheduling these big long rambling interviews. Trump talked about how Andrew Jackson could have stopped the Civil war and questioned what the war was even about and why no one is asking that question. The question of why the civil war happened, I would guess, is probably one of the most asked and answered questions in American history so I’m not sure what he is talking about. He talked about Kim Jong Un with a tone of respect and admiration and said he would be honored to meet him. It seems to me that everyone in the entire world would sleep more soundly if they could just keep him locked up in Mar-a-Lago for the rest of his presidency. He would like that better too! I can’t get over the fact that he has no plans going into any interview or conversation. I mean, he invited Duterte to the White House. This man openly admits to killing his own citizens that are drug addicts with no charges or trial. He has compared himself to Hitler and has said that he would slaughter them all. Why would anyone want to rub shoulders with this guy? Are we supposed to be ok with a guy that treats dictators like the are respectable people? He’s got quite a list going now, Putin, Kim Jong Un and Duterte. And he thinks Angela Merkel is a terrible leader, baha!

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