• bluemomredstate

Syrian Children

It’s Sunday. Normally on Sunday I watch numerous political Sunday shows and get hyped up for the week of news. I didn’t do that today. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the chemical attack in Syria last night. I was looking through pictures of these poor children foaming at the mouth and looking at my own kids at the same time. It made me sad. My kids were busy worrying about following directions so we could go to Lagoon today. My husband was teasing me about talking too serious at 8am. Syrian children choking to death in cellars while my family worries about inconsequential things felt strange for a moment. Somehow I lost my stomach for a days worth of political info. Syria is obviously a very complicated issue especially with Russia backing Assad and the new sanctions on Putin’s cronies. So normally, I would dive right in analyzing all the different angles. It was the pictures of the kids. It had to be. Innocence slaughtered for political gain. I let my mind drift to what Trump is gonna do about it. It was at that point that I turned off my phone. Something about him being at the helm when something so terrible happened just made me sick. It may be an interesting week for news, but sometimes I just need a break. So we hit up Lagoon and tried to believe it’s all good.

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