• bluemomredstate


Michael Cohen’s office, home and hotel room were raided by FBI agents today. What a Monday! To give a little backstory, Michael Cohen is Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, often referred to as Trump’s ‘fixer.’ He’s tied up in this Stormy Daniels situation along with the Russia investigation, namely trying to get a Trump Tower Moscow deal done during the campaign. There’s also an alleged visit to Prague for a meeting with top Russian officials. I LOVE Russia news mostly because it is so dramatic and it puts Trump in a bad mood. That’s so immature of me, bahahahahaha! I’m like a crazy person with pins and red strings on a wall, puting all the articles together and spending a lot of time talking to my brother about what it all means. It’s just about the only thing that is fun about the Trump administration yet it is so terrible. On a more serious note, the timing of this raid is not the best for the Syria situation I fear. It seems nothing infuriates Trump more than news about the Russia investigation. Trump in a good mood making decisions about Syria is very demoralizing, let alone a Trump that is severely pissed off. Retaliating in Syria can have some real implications on a bunch of different fronts so I wish Trump had a better head on his shoulders since his decisions actually have global consequences. Hopefully the people around him can present him with some good options and steer him in a good direction. Good is a string word I suppose. They will probably have a list that goes from bad to worst. I can’t imagine there is a shoe in solution in Syria unfortunately.

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