• bluemomredstate

Kid Life

Today I babysat an 11 month old from 7:15 to 3. I felt stranded in the house so I invited my friend and her kids over to play. She arrived about 10am with her 3 kids. Around noon my other friend was locked out of her house so she came over with her two kids. Everyone hung around until about 3:30. After that my house was completely obliterated. Dishes in the sink from feeding 8 kids and 3 adults. There are toys scattered on all 3 levels and the backyard. After everyone left I spent some much needed time one on one with my own kids. I fed them dinner and got them to bed. I’m here typing now with plenty of chores to do, but it doesn’t really matter all that much because my husband is out of town for work. I wasn’t able to follow politics today because my life isn’t always conducive with the activities that I would like to do. Sometimes even asking myself what I would like to do is such an irrelevant thought because I know my needs are not the top priority. We watched Little Einsteins and Pocoyo for most of the day. I have a hard time reading articles on my phone because my son Oliver is obsessed with electronics so I keep it out of sight. I’m now sitting alone in a dark, quiet room yet I find it really hard to organize my thoughts. I’m actually finding it hard to really think about anything at all. Maybe today calls for some relaxing HGTV shows.


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