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I'll Have to Read Myself to Sleep After That

I’m trying to take one night off a week from the kids in an effort to retain any sanity that I have left. So, tonight I planned to go to a Refugee Foster Parent Orientation as part of my project to learn more about the immigration system. I thought, ‘I’ll kill two birds with one stone! Take a night off and get some research done.’ Well, the night got busy fast. I left for the class and, on the way, the road was getting backed up. I looked and saw a car was parked in the middle of the street. When I got closer I realized there were two guys in the middle of the street screaming at each other! It seemed clear that it was escalating fast so I called 911. I told them get someone over there now! They’re blocking traffic and it’s getting physical! I hung up and continued on my way. Random, huh? I arrived at the orientation on time and everything went as planned. The class went for two hours and I’ve gotta say I was shocked by a lot of the info I learned in there. Anyway, after the class I was walking out front to get a picture of the mural on the building and there was a big group gathered there. I lingered a bit and found myself in a deep conversation about race with 3 black guys and an hispanic woman. It was such an interesting conversation! I thought, ‘Ok, I need to remember this conversation for my piece I’m doing on racial issues around here.’ I got to my car and realized 30 minutes had passed. Time flies when you’re talking about racism I guess, ha! Now, it’s 8:30. I should go drop by the ice cream shop to see if the notorious Terrance, the guy from the Salt Lake Tribune article, is working. I Google it and I’m only 5 minutes away! Might as well go for it. So, I pop in there and sure enough he’s there. We chat for a bit and I ask him if there’s a time he can meet while he’s not working so we can have a good conversation. He agreed, I got his number and told him a few topics I want to ask him about. I get back to my car and think, wow. This has been a productive night! On my drive home I get pretty deep in thought about the upcoming election because I’m listening to my favorite podcast, Pod Save America. It’s 9:30 by now and I’m thinking the boys are in bed. I walk in and Mark’s face is all busted up! “What happened to you?!?” He was chasing the boys on the playground and ran headfirst into a platform. He totally laid himself out! He was running at full speed, slammed his head, feet flew in front of him and landed flat on his back. If someone saw him, bahahahahaha! But his poor face. I hate seeing him hurt. The boys were still up so I helped get them down. Now I’m sitting here listening to Mark gaming downstairs trying to figure out what I should do. Clean up, read my book, or go to bed. I’m leaning toward read myself to sleep. The last 4 hours we’re so eventful I can’t really think anymore.

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