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Constantly Failing

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

I’m actually quite relieved to see the vote on the Senate bill is delayed for a host of reasons. Mostly because I am hoping to get the bill read and a video posted before the Senate votes. I’m glad it’s delayed because I haven’t been able to get enough quiet time lately to focus on the tough reading that is legislation. My husband went out of town on Sunday so I have been on my own with the kids this week. It’s been alright other than my dog pulling a bowl off the counter on Sunday. It shattered and he drug mini hotdog grease throughout the house. The next day he was limping on his front paw. I assumed there was glass in it. I took him to the vet and $360 later find out that all his feet are having an allergic reaction. Great. I get home, finish up Oliver’s 3 ½ hour therapy session, get the kids fed and in bed. I sat down on the couch feeling like my day is over. Before I break out the bill, which I had printed and bound, I decide to check on the boys through the camera. I see Oliver has removed his pull-up and was showing Max how to smear poop on the wall. Wow, my day was so not over. I hustle up there, interrupt their fun with some choice words and get them in the tub. I then proceed scraping poop off the wall and bed frame. I feel like I’m done but it still reeks so I’m sure I missed something. I finally get them in bed and decide the bill with have to wait until tomorrow. Well, today is tomorrow and I still haven’t read the bill. My day began with administering all the meds of the day. I have a sinus infection so I’m taking an antibiotic, Oliver has an ear infection so he’s taking an antibiotic, (side-note: to give Oliver medicine, I have to sit in the recliner, pin his legs under mine, hold both his arms down with one hand, pin his head between my shoulder and the armrest, hold the syringe in my other hand and try to get him to swallow while he screams bloody murder. Autism is just the pits sometimes, bless his little heart) the dog takes 3 pills to control seizures, one to control migraines, one to control pancreatitis and now 3 to control an allergic reaction in his feet. Whew! Now, off to the vet so Ronix can spend the day under observation/daycare. Gotta get back by 830am for Oliver’s first ABA session. That ends at 1030. Load up, I’ve got to drop Max at the daycare and get to SLC for Oliver’s speech and occupational therapy appointment. By the time those two appointments are over it’s 2pm and I’ve got to get on the road to pick up Max by 230. Ugh I get stuck behind a train and barely make it in time. Of course the minute Max sees me he immediately starts bawling. The girl running the front desk is new so she asks for my ID to check Max out of the daycare. That’s great that she’s being cautious, I really appreciate it, I do. Back out to the car to get my wallet, Max screams are reverberating through the whole place. Now, let’s stop off for dad’s medication at the pharmacy and hustle home for Oliver’s evening ABA session which goes from 3-630pm. The supervisor/case manager comes by tonight from 3-5pm. He spent some time going over parent goals. I am supposed to demonstrate an understanding of ABC recording, make Oliver wait until reinforced by me, follow tantrum BSP, establish contingency for reinforcement, errorless teaching during transitions, and escape maintained tantrum behavior. Ok, so I guess I have more studying to do. Session is over! Everyone get back in the car! We have to get Ronix because the vet closes at 7! About halfway there Oliver tells me he has to go potty. Right now?!? We’re only a couple minutes away so I risk it. I pull into the parking lot at 650pm. I get Oliver out of his chair, pull his pants down and let him pee out the door. Luckily he thought that was pretty funny, unlike the vet tech that had to walk through it to bring my dog out. Alright, it’s a Little Caesar’s kind of night. I get the kids fed and now it’s time for meds again. I can do this. People do this all the time. Why does it feel so hard?


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