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Apparently Collusion is Legal

I was at a friend’s house when Bill Barr dropped his summary. It was a new friend too. One that doesn’t know me all that well. Because I didn’t want to ruin the fun time or scare them away I tried my best to act normal, to chat and play ping pong. My disappointment was obvious, but I was able to hide the fact that I am completely demoralized. When we arrived home I flipped on the news and felt nauseated. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take anymore. I turned it off, cleaned up the house, bathed the boys and watched some basketball. I didn’t say much to Mark or the kids. It was like I was just numb. I thought I had done a good job managing my expectations, but clearly I didn’t. I didn’t realize how often I had daydreamed about the entire Trump family, Pence and administration going down in flames and laughing my head off as Pelosi takes office. There were so many times when I would remain measured in political conversations because I was planning on Mueller saving the day. I pictured Fox News execs being hauled off to jail and Hannity being ripped from the air. Of course, I knew none of this was going to happen, but it was great to think about. No matter how wild my daydreams would get there was one thing that I believed to be true. Robert Mueller was the ultimate safety net. He was gonna be the champion of truth, the fierce defender of America. I was hopeful. Instead I was met with my worst nightmare. The steady drumbeat of ‘No collusion!’ and ‘No obstruction!’ now has legitimacy. The most despicable, slimy and dishonest person gets to use Robert Mueller as a cudgel to beat down the rule of law, to tear down his own justice department and continue his all out assault on the media. It’s making me sick.

After a good night’s sleep I feel more clear about what I’m thinking, but I definitely don’t feel better. I trust Robert Mueller looked at every angle of this situation. I believe he did everything he could and found that, under current law, no laws were broken. All the contacts, the back channels, the communication with Wikileaks, the calling for Russians to find the emails, it’s all legal. Apparently, it’s legal to reap the benefits of a foreign government’s illegal actions, encourage it even. That’s what’s really got me down this morning. It is blowing my mind what is actually legal. Now every person knows that you can publicly invite a foreign power to help your campaign. That’s totally cool. What deterrents are there from stopping anyone from doing this again? Are we now going to have candidates backed by all kinds of foreign governments because we see that it is totally legal to do so? It’s just incredible to me that the letter of the law can allow things that are so obviously wrong. That’s true of all kinds of things in America. It’s shocking who can legally own a gun, that companies can legally raise drug prices to the point of killing people off, that people can get their kids into colleges by making a ‘donation’ which is a code for bribe, that billionaires can pay zero in taxes, that border patrol can put kids in cages, and the list can go on and on. It’s really disheartening to me.

Now we have to watch both sides argue about the findings, accuse the other side of a cover-up, criticize Barr for not charging obstruction, people screaming ‘I told you so’ and the rest. I wish somebody would take a deep look into our election laws and figure out how to make slimy behavior, illegal behavior. Seems very unlikely to happen.


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